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Early History

In early 1997, a pilot project was launched by Mr. Iqbal Ismail with the aim of exporting garments in bulk to countries such as Canada & Africa. The year 2003 commenced the wholesale trading of  stock lot merchandise by the name of EXPOTEX.  At first we catered only to one to two bulk buyers concerned with exports, but in 2005 since business had expanded to a large scale level multiple business to business clients had been added. The core values of EXPOTEX made it prevail over its competitors which was to provide the best quality stock at the most reasonable prices, this is why expotex became one of the largest exporters of stock lot items in the international market.

Expostore Inception:

Amongst the directors one of them realised the value of modern day retail trade, since pakistan’s retail industry was still in its infancy stage at that time compared to the rest of the world, he wanted to start a passion project which dealt with customers directly resulting in a paradigm shift from wholesale to retail trade and instead of selling items in bulk – they wanted to enter the retail market with their merchandise.

Hence, the inception of EXPOSTORE® came into being, starting from a small outlet in Saddar, Karachi and within a few years the brand gained extreme popularity amongst parents, children and fashionistas – since no one had imagined branded designer wear to be offered at extremely low prices. Expostore again made its one rule of providing high quality garments as the number one rule to success, today Expostore has over 9+ stores and maintains a presence in almost 4 big cities of Pakistan, making it one of the market leaders of children and kids apprarel.

We at expostore clearly define our product quality and manufacturing before selling items to our valued customers and have maintained policies that only benefit the customer. Our core values revolve around providing superior customer service and brand building to become one of the market leaders of apparrel providers throughout Pakistan.